I’ve titled this set Landmarks because after travelling through Europe I was so burnt out on actual landmarks that these scenes appealed more to my senses. And it’s these quiet, tiny moments that shape the experience of travelling through foreign landscapes. We can always google those grandiose structures later, but it’s much more difficult to recollect these fragments of memory.

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I was making a photo book on Abbotford (a suburb of Melbourne), spending a good part of this year shooting and preparing it. I submitted the book to Blurb but I thought the results were pretty terrible. The book may still happen if I find a better option, but for now here is the short version as a set on my cargocollective.


Monika Pon-su-san, the Chinese South African model in this Tretchikoff paiting worked as a shipping clerk in South Africa. We stumbled across this scene in alley in Lausanne, Switzerland. It seemed like some kind of art installation but when we returned later in the day, the painting was gone.

The Green Lady in Lausanne

An interview with the model here:

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